Creativity is a skill

Divergent Thinking; Is the critical and expansive thinking that your mind uses to solve problems that have more than one easy or obvious solution, your mind goes in many different directions and diverges multiple solutions to the question asked.

The article above discusses critical thinking with mapping. Mapping is critical way of thinking to outline information. The central or main idea that you want to achieve in the middle with words and activities that branch out from the middle to get to what you want. The article talks about how by mapping, you can think critically about things that are needed to achieve to get to certain places you want to be in life. Mapping can be used for anything

The article is similar to Divergent thinking just how branching out to solve solutions. Mapping diverges out to collect information and can be used to solve solutions. By using mapping, you can exercise your ability to be creative, and use critical thinking to create mapping to discovery new information Mapping and divergent thinking go hand and hand. Mapping would be the technique in which you get to think critically to solve problems and create new solutions to certain problems as well as obtain goals and information.



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